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Workdays excluding Saturday, Sunday & holidays country wise


New Member
Dear all,

I have made the attached excel project plan and it is working fine but I have to select holidays manually by seeing the country of the assignee. I want this to be done as per the countries defined in the project plan by seeing the list of per country holidays from the field value of the assignee location. My excel sheet is attached with this email.

I am using this formula to calculate the start and end dates of each task:


I have tried to change above formula by adding different conditions but nothing works.

I am also looking to protect/lock formula cells dynamically, i.e., when we defined formula. Is it possible?

I am also looking to have different colors for formula fields dynamically. I don't know whether it is possible?

I have lost a lot of my time to sort out this formula but none was successful. Your kind help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance for the effort!



Excel Ninja
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