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WORKDAY.INTL formula results are showing weekend days.

I am using the WORKDAY.INTL formula to subtract and add dates. Results are supposed to exclude Saturdays, Sundays and a list of Holiday dates. However, I can't figure out why I'm getting Saturday in my results. Please see attached for detail. Thank you in advance!



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1. WORKDAY.INTL($E$2-D13,0,HOLIDAYS) is missing a comma:

2. Rather than add 0 days, you might need to trick it by adding one day to the day before:
Hi Naranyank991,
Thank you for your response!
Everything hinges on the English Launch Date (E2). This cell triggers all other cells with formulas. E2 and E14 MUST be the same date. E14 (E2) is the 'epicenter' or 'equator'. Dates above are being subtracted from E14 (E2). Dates below are being added.
=IF($D7="","",WORKDAY.INTL($E$2-D7,0,HOLIDAYS)) - this formal subtracts from E2 so I can back date tasks to see when we have to start to reach the launch date in time.
=IF(D16="","",WORKDAY.INTL($E$2+D16,1,1,HOLIDAYS)) - this formal adds to E2, so I can determine when the Spanish launch can be expected.

Hi p45cal,
Thank you for your response!
I edited the first formula you suggested, by adding the missing comma. However, it didn't change the results. I am still getting Saturday in cells E13 and E14.
So, I tried the second formula you suggested. As written, it doesn't work. The two commas together [WORKDAY.INTL($E$2-D13-1,1,,HOLIDAYS)] throw and error. If I remove the extra comma, the formula appears to work. For example, $e$2+D19 = Saturday. However, the results show Monday, January 6th. Which is perfect.

I just can't get the top section to work. See attached updated with your formulas, sans the extra comma in the bottom section.



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in cell E7 copied all the way down to E14 give the correct answers?

in cell E16 copied down to E19 give the correct answers?

Do the numbers of days in column D include weekends (Sat and Sun)?
If they are only workday counts, then the formulae can be shortened to:
copied down and
copied down.
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The numbers in Column D did include weekdays, but I changed it so they are a count of workdays only and used your shorter formulas.
p45cal...Super Genius!!!! Thank you so much!