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Will Combo Box Data Show in a Pivot Table


New Member
I normally use data validation for my drop down lists, but my current project has more items and data validation won't allow all the text. I decided to use a combo box since it allows all my items to show. Is there a way to show combo box data in a pivot table?


Excel Ninja
Can you be more specific? Or better yet, upload sample workbook that mirror your actual workbook with desensitized info. Along with manual mock-up of your desired result.

In general, combobox is just a object layer on top of standard range, that serves as UI layer, and returns selected value into range tied to it (either via code or property).

You can certainly use range holding combobox(es) as data source for pivot table. But not if set up does not follow standard rules (ex: all columns must have header, merged cells should not be used etc).

If you mean that you want all items held in combobox (without selection) in pivot table... that largely depends on set up.