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Where Did I go Wrong - OR, ANDs and ELSE

Hi all:

Below is a formula consisting of two conditions which are:

(1) If the value in L2 AND the value in M2 are both blanks, then set the value of the current cell to "No TRD, TPR, HIF" (this works by itself)
(2) If the value in A2 OR the value in B2 is NOT blank, then set the value of the current cell to "TRD, TPR" else set the current cell to “Investigate”.

=IF(AND(L2="", M2=""),"No TRD, TPR, HIF"), IF(NOT(OR(A2 ="", B2 ="")),"TRD, TPR"," Investigate")

I get a #VALUE when both A2 and B2 are “”

Your feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks



Active Member
How about
=IF(AND(L2="", M2=""),"No TRD, TPR, HIF", IF(OR(A2 <>"", B2<>""),"TRD, TPR"," Investigate"))