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What other programming languages do you use?


Besides excel which other languages do you know how to use?

Would have been good if excel can handle things outside of excel to edit files and such.

I would say which one is as easy and very similar but that would be an opinion question so asking what people use seems more solid. Odd programs translate can translate many languages that are old yet new programming languages can not be translates to another language. I guess that is taking 2 steps backs.


Excel Ninja
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Excel isn't technically a programming language, although effectively it achieves the same result by laying out formulas on a worksheet/named formula that get you to a result.

Excel has 3 programming languages/systems built in

Excel Macro's, replaced by VBA in 1995
VBA, Used since 1993 v5
Office Scripts, Released just this month so check them out


Excel Ninja
I use following:
Python - Using xlWings add-in with Anaconda distribution.
Also, by using win32com library you can manipulate Excel file with relative ease.
import win32com.client

xlApp = win32com.client.Dispatch("Excel.Application")
xlApp.Visible = True

wb = xlApp.Workbooks.Add()

wb.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A20", "A30").Value = 20
rng = wb.Sheets("Sheet1").UsedRange
It's also useful for regression analysis, interpolation, data visualization, web scraping, machine learning etc.
Some of libraries I use: matplotlib, seaborn, beautifulsoup, tensorflow, pandas, numpy, sklearn, imblearn, itertools

@Hui thanks for the info on Office Scripts. I'll have to refresh and bolster my javascript/TypeScript skill.
I've used MS PowerAutomate but found it lacking in Excel automation (though data transfer/transformation based on schedule/trigger is pretty good).


Excel Ninja
What is the format of the files that you want to edit? Editing csv or text files is fairly easy if you know Excel VBA. If there's any other format that you want to manipulate then it could be fairly involved process. To do it through Excel, the parent application either needs to provide access to its object library (VBA) or the format should allow querying and modification (through query).

Excel VBA is fairly powerful and I have used it in the past to
- create standard text/csv file outputs which are used by other programs.
- generate / send emails through outlook and lotus notes
- bulk list / rename files in the folder
- pull data from SQL DB for simple usable reporting
There's a big book dedicated to this part for building several applications (https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Excel-Development-Definitive-Applications/dp/0321508793 ). I have not gone through it fully but once in a while I go to it to look for something I need or want.


Don't confuse me LOL
Excel isn't technically a programming language,
Excel is absolutely a programming language
I find programmers to be like English translators. I don't expect a professional English translator to be the best story telling author. Just like I dont expect a programmer to be a creative designer. Sure their are the rare exceptions. Programs for Linux is a good example of smart programmers that are not good designers which is why it was always under a 2% usage, and for the most part Linux is a hobby thing than a practical useful thing for most and will remain so since they just dont get it and they never will sine pride beats reason.

I been asked to work for a Apple affiliate company to program since they liked my excel user friendly automated program, but I am not a programmer but more of a jack of all trades and know a wide spectrum of things even design which i was hired as a designer for another project which but the programmer which went to work for Nintendo after failing to try to do my job which he wanted.

Too much info to retain with other programming languages since I even forget excel and have to find basic references all the time despite I used it many times for fun.

The Greek language for example you can create any new word you want which is why science uses that a lot, and classics professors say if you want to get the full understanding of the classics you must learn it is Ancient Greek since every languages is limited in its vocabulary. With programming languages its a mess and are all bad which as easier as excel is its has a lot of messed up things which should be redone from the ground up it seems but then again others like Apple Numbers is far worse. It takes a lot of skill to make something functional in a user friendly environment. Anyone remember Unix how that worked and how bad it was compared to new design? Day and night. If you compare all programming languages how they handle simple tasks it shows that the majority are inefficient and a lot of wasted space despite being used.