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What are the most mind blowing Excel formulas?

Hello! My name is Felipe and I'm an Excel MVP from Brazil.

This forum is definitely one of the forums with the best Excel formula lovers in the internet.

I'm going to attend a seminar and the topic of my presentation will be "Fórmulas Esotéricas do Excel" (Esoteric Excel Formulas in portuguese). It will be held in São Paulo - Brazil, January 20, and right now I'm searching some examples from formula experts and forums, and I want to credit everyone correctly.

If you have some ideas, links and interesting Excel formulas, I'd love to know.
What are the most difficult problems formulas actually can solve? I want to blow the mind of the participants with things they didn't dream Excel could do with formulas.
A good reference blog is: https://excelxor.com/blog/

Thanks for your time!