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Webquery to get timesheet data from Harvest

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We have a timesheet application Called Harvest.com. This web application helps in creating reports of timesheets of all employees in a format shown below.

This wonderful application also has an option to the Export data as an XLS file or CSV file. (Attached the excel file)

We download the reports in the excel format and generate reports. The problem is, this is a every day task and there at least 10-15 reports downloaded, copied, pasted and I would like to automate in such a way that the query is directly written into the excel and when refreshed there is a new data.

I tried using the Webquery, but the webquery just scrapes the data (which about 200 rows) from the portal, it doesn't generate the complete excel report (2000 rows).

Is there a way that I can run a web query to import the data when I refresh the page, so that complete excel data is brought in the format like in the attached spreadsheet, instead of just scraping the data from the portal?

NOTE: I am using Microsoft Excel MAC 2011


Michael Tomar

New Member
I've worked at companies that utilize a lot of ETLs to export data from different apps, including Harvest data. As for me, the most convenient solution is the Skyvia Query Excel add-in, which allows you to load custom reports automatically. There are just two steps to get it:

Create a free Skyvia account (if you haven't had an account yet) -> Install Skyvia Query Excel Add-in from Microsoft AppSource
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