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Web Vba question.

Discussion in 'VBA Macros' started by sms2luv, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. sms2luv

    sms2luv Member

    Please go through this query, its quit long, but challenging
    I wanted a macro to login to a intranet site using my user name and password.
    I used early binding techniques and created new instance of IE.
    The code enters my user name and password in appropriate fields.
    However the login button did not worked.
    I used sendkeys to press enter and was able to login successful.

    When I login I get a option to click ATTENTION.
    I need to click on it to go to this specific page. (Query string doesn't work)
    Sendkeys cannot be used as there are several options and enter button selects some other options.
    I inspected the element and found it under a table tag, then "a" tag and then IMG tag.
    IMG tag has a href attribute and SRC also.

    I looped through all the "a" and "IMG" tag but didn't get that href and SRC.(Logged in)

    I logged off from the website and checked the main page button source and found that it has changed little bit, it had login and password fields and was not able to find the href and SRC(which was visible when I logged in).

    In short I mean to say that the website source has changed after I login.

    So the problem begins here.
    When I ran the code, I was logged in successfully.
    When I lopped through all "a" and IMG tag, I am getting all the tags which were used before I had logged in.
    So now I want to list of all "a" and IMG after I log in to the site.
  2. sms2luv

    sms2luv Member

    I tried different website which requires the user to sign in and found that I was able to get their elements properly.
    However with this site I am not getting the HTML after logging in.
  3. sms2luv

    sms2luv Member

    Could that be possible that the IMG tag is a children of table tag, because of which it is not displayed?
  4. sms2luv

    sms2luv Member

    Team, please suggest
  5. sms2luv

    sms2luv Member

    Please help.

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