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I have made 3 Workbooks all have INWARD & OUTWARD sheets, having different kinds of Column Headers. Some column headers are common too. Now i want to create a daily report which should have all the data from all the sheets for everyday reporting in a new workbook. I also need to have to the option of selecting the FROM DATE & TO DATE. So, that whenever my superiors want report for the last 6 days i need to specify those dates & the report should be created.
I tried SUMIF & VLOOKUP but it's too time consuming and i might make a mistake.
So can you suggest some easier way, maybe a VBA code that can solve this issue or how to create Buttons for the Date option????
I've seen many Videos online, but not able to follow them properly.
I'm attaching the files. So please give me some clues on how to tackle this issue.
I have put in some sample data in all the sheets.
Thank You.


GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Difficult to make something if there is nowhere an example on how the report should look like.
If you are not able to code and maintain VBA, there might be an easier way with Power Query. In your Excel version that is called get and transform.
Get the data from files and then append the data. Surely some transformation steps are required, but those can be handled with mouse clicks.
To get get the date selection in, would require some "coding", but it ain't rocket science. Many very good tutorials are found online.
I can give you a starting solution, if you would upload an correct example of a report.
Thank you for your advise and guidance. I'll send the sample REPORT file in the morning.
I know about the power query option, but it can work only if all the column headers and the table names must also be same. The only problem is with the GOVT IN OUT file. It cannot have same column headers.

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Give me some time to work this out, but seemingly you need to create an append for IN and another for OUT. I'll give it a go.
Give me some time to work this out, but seemingly you need to create an append for IN and another for OUT. I'll give it a go.
Dear GRIDO that's very kind of you. Take your time. I'll be needing it only after our firm start's Paddy purchase, sometime around the 2nd week of October.
Anyways what's an APPEND ?