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Want to extract the Alias from Outlook for the list of Email Ids i have on Excel


New Member
Hello Guys,

Need help on with a vba code to extract....
On the excel I have 2700 email id's for which I will need to pull the Alias & Department

Note: All within the Company network

Email Id: Alias: ?Department: ?
Vivek.C@XXX.com456223Management CC
Vivek, where are the alias and department? If you're saying that all you have in your Excel spreadsheet is the email address, and the alias and department are in (probably) Outlook, then this isn't really an Excel question: you need to know how to get at the data that's stored in Outlook—or in Active Directory, or LDAP, or wherever it is.

You may be able to expand your VBA/Excel program to fetch that data. But first you have to know where it is now, and how to go get it.

If the alias and department are already in your Excel workbook, then I don't understand the question.
I dunno; Vivek never replied, so either he didn't understand the question or he lost interest. Without further information from the OP I don't see how anyone could help him.