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Want to create buttons that will workout these formulas I use daily in whatever Cell I am In

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Hi All
I am looking for ideas and examples that I can apply to work on the easiest and quickest way to work in my job, I am given a bunch of data and asked to put in formula to into cells and columns that workout the from data proved following ( Quarter to Quarter Comparisons / Yearly (four Quarters) :

I always have to apply manually the following formulas to the quarter or yearly data:

Workout the Quarter from date
Workout Age of Person from DOB
Remove Duplicate IDs (unique ids)
Count number Duplicate IDs for certain provider
Workout if person is “Working Age” 18 to 64 and 65 + “Elderly”
Percentage Change (Increase / Decrease) compression of quarter figure against last quarter
Workout the percentage of different services the person uses
Workout the Average figure from the quarters provided against previous quarters or years
Then I produce Charts (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Graphs showing Quarter Changes for the points above).

Instead of me have to manually always enter a formula above to work out the Quarter to Quarter Comparison or yearly (four quarters).

I was wonder if there away where I can click on a cell or column and get it to apply the automatically any of the formulas above by pressing on button instead of me manually having to put them in each time.

Some times the data comes in different format not the same column or cell that why I want the formula to only apply to any cell or column I click into.

Also, it be a bonus if I could get to automatically do graphs instead just putting the data in pivots once I formatted the data and applied the formulas above and ten crate the graphs manually.

I am looking for ideas and solutions the easiest way to do this in excel to achieve this if possible, with examples how it can be done this and best and quickest way to save time.

I thank you for your ideas and examples in order to me the way I work less receptive by always adding the same old formulas to my data.

Many Thanks

The Leicester Fox


Excel Ninja
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