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I am trying to get vlookup to read any work sheet that is open (only active work book) and has "Sheet" as the tab name. I came up with this . can someone get this to work?

why the space - and why indirect - its not doing anything

what is it you want to do?

indirect - usually referes to a cell to get a value from and use in a formula

you also have a , at end without true or false


and commas between the sheet and the range with a ! which will not work

and sample spreadsheet with what you are trying to do would help a lot here

also the version of excel you are using may help
I an using office 365. i will have a work book with multiple work sheets called "sheet1, sheet2 ,...etc". I need a vlookup that can look in cell "B2" (current sheet where the formula is written)search all sheets column E and return a the value that matches cell E
how many sheets - you could use a nested IFERROR

That will return want is in B2 , as you are looking in column E for the value in B2 and then returning that value - if not found then an error