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New Member
I have snookered myself.
I have a database of machine spare parts.
Each machine has an array of part descriptions, part numbers and costs.
I have an entry tab where I enter the machine model number.
I have a grid where I can do a vlookup for parts based on a drop down table.
This works for one machine based on my vlookup formula.

What I am trying to achieve is, if I change the model number in a Cell on a different Tab . I need to change the vlookup to a range for that specific machine.
Eg: Machine T2 is from B2:G23. Column A has the T2 before every row.
Machine T3 is from B25:G47 Column A has the T3 before every row.
So Database needs to look in Tab Database, but add the specific array range for that machine.

So far I'm stuck.

Regards Myer


Excel Ninja
You can try with wildcard assuming G8 cell holds values like T2, T3 etc. See if below approach works for you.