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Vlookup value and display Multiple result in rows

Dear Experts,

Need help to create complaint tracker where if status is pending to show all complaint which are pending in separate rows.

Cell B9 is status as pending and B11 onward the data for pending should display by formula

file enclsoed.


Hi Vletm,

thanks for your quick reply, will be showing having pending status on other sheet, so i want pending complaint to be shown below in B21

really appreciated your support.


Excel Ninja
Mohamed Sameer Kazi
a) Your files B9 and B11 are ... empty.
b) Do You have more than three rows data? If more then ... cell B21 ... yes!
As well as, then someone has take care that there are enough 'formulas'. ... auto show.
c) Suddenly results to the other sheet.
d) Select from this file Result-sheet.


Dear Vletm,

The issue is if the status for complaint change to closed, the pending should not be shown in pending list.

Sheet result is copy paste for pending status.

i hope will get some vlookup formula or Index and match with array to show multiple result in rows.