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Vlookup queston


Hi Chandoo
I have a vlookup question for you. I made a dashboard of my favorite baseball team. I think it looks pretty cool. On the batting dash tab, there is a spot where I would like some stats regarding the players position, games, games started, and innings. The data reflecting that is in the fielding tab. There are some players with multiple positions. When I do a vlookup it doesn't reflect the other positions. For example: Don Kelly played 4 positions and I would like all the positions (I will just write down how I would like it too look like) there. That's it. Thank you very much. Joe, Michigan.



Hi Deb,
Thank you for you help. I like it, but some of the stats are wrong and not there. Can you take a look at it again if you have time?
I have the other stats under the batting stats tab. Joe.