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Visualizing Years, Companies & 4 financial variables in a single chart

Hello all,

Need to quickly visualise 3 variables ( Company, years, Financials) in a single stacked bar chart.
Can some one help.



i too thought it would look overcrowded, but someone from my office was insisting hence posted here. Solution I offered was somewhat similar to yours but through Pivot charts and slicers. Thought yours is much a great example of structured usage of Vlook up and match ! None of these straightforward approaches clearly indicate how financials are inter-related ....ie. 1) percentages of financials within a specific company for the given number of years and 2) how trends in (1) compare to peers... Guy who threw this at me is a CA and is looking for some number crunching and in a consolidated single graph. He was looking for a stacked charts to bring out relationships. Thanks anyway for your efforts and reply.


Staff member
You can try a panel chart to explore such inter-relationships.

I have used absolute values, but you can also try with indexation. That can show sharp changes compared to initial values in 2011

Both pictures embedded below.

Absolute values trend:

Indexed values trend:


Thank You Gregor! Yes, Stacked Bar Chart was the original requirement. Your Pivot Graph helps!
Also thank you R1C1 Admin Chandoo Team - Those Panel charts are really cool and am happy to learn a new approach. :)