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VBA Tutorial - 3 parts PDF

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Hi All,

This is a 3 part VBA Tutorial I made a while ago for people in my former team and also as a reference guide for myself.

I will say that the tutorial is by no means all inclusive and if you want an end to end VBA guide then you're better of purchasing it, however if you would like to self learn VBA basics and some advanced functions then this is a good guide for you.

The Tutorial is essentially a collection of the most common and most useful Macro's I have used myself over my time analyzing and automating reports.

I would like to say that I am by no means a VBA certified individual - everything I have learnt in Excel is through my work requirements and is self taught. Hence the tutorials are written similarly.

Hope you like the content within the 3 PDF files


Luke M

Excel Ninja
Looks pretty cool chirayu, thanks for sharing. I have moved your tutorials to the Vault forum, which tends to be more of a "reference" forum. :)


Excel Ninja
@chirayu , this is amazing work. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice guide.

P.S. - I do not know what is the procedure for "Copy right" but please "Copy right" your book(s). This is really useful.


New Member
This is great for sharing this! Thank you very much.

My only "knowledge" on VBA is by recording Macro and then edit them...

Your ebooks are going to help me a lot!