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VBA to take multiple tabs and combine into one column

I am trying to speed up the exercise of doing lookups on every column for every tab.

I created an output example tab but essentially I have 3 tabs with the same structure but different column headers starting in column E. Column A-D should stay the same position but I would like to combine all 3 tabs into one tab, but pull the header into a column and to the right of that, the item number under that header.

I am trying to create a easier way to look up the data I need thus pulling it all into one column. If it's on 3 tabs, it's a lot of work.

Can you help? Feel free to reach out with questions.



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Power Query (aka Get & Transform Data) does this in its stride.
See table on Output sheet of the attached.
To add more tables, make the data into proper Excel tables as I have done, make sure the table name starts with Tabl then go to the Output sheet, right-click on the results table there and choose Refresh.


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