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VBA to print hyperlinked document along with excel sheet


New Member
Looking for some help.
I am working on a VBA that will help me to print excel sheet which has some dynamic data in first 10 rows (with V lookup function) and a file which is hyperlinked in a cells {again dynamic with (Hyperlink(Vlookup...)) function}.
I need to print excel sheet (as page-1) & hyperlinked document (as page2) in pdf.
I tried record macros too bust wasn't of any help. Kindly advise.



New Member

I want to print this document. Check the last row for hyperlinked document. All data are dynamic, Based on drop list menu created in Cell "D1.
Though D1 is not set in print area.



Excel Ninja
I wrote: Without a sample Excel-file (which has same elements as You normal file)
A sample file NO need to be SAME file!
You should to CREATE NEW FILE or EDIT those datas.
Without proper Excel file, this could take weeks!