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VBA script for my tastk


New Member
I want i vba script for my attached file . Here are three condition in my excel sheet. according to sheet I take cell reference
1. If B7<B6 then C7-C6 value goes to E6. all match condition same for further B column.
2. IF B8>B7 then C8-C7 value goes to F6 .all match condition same for further B column.

third one condition is most important in which if two or more cells of B column are equal. according to file B8 to B13 B cells value is 1531. B9=B8 then B9 compare its value B7 if
B09>B07 then value of C9-C8 is save in E6

And all cells from B9 to B13 match same condition and value of C cell save in E6.

Again B14=B15 then B15 compare with B13
here B15<B13 then value of c save in F6 column.
For further same match condition is applicable.

I also mark colour in my excel file . thank you