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VBA - print each page different number of copies



I have a file with 2 worksheets: one worksheet is labels I designed, each printing page containing 4 labels of a product. In the other worksheet, I have information for each page how many copies of each page I should print. In the example file, in "data" there is information that I need 5 copies of page 1, it means I need to print page 1 five times, then to print page 2 - twice, page 4 -4 times, etc...

As I can have up to 60 different products (so 60 pages to print a different amount of times!), it can be a bit time consumming to do it manually. I would like to automatize this process with a bit of vba and looking for some help here :)

Thank you in advance



Excel Ninja
What is Your one page?
... Could You name the first pages rows (and range)?
... Do all pages has same amount of rows?

... and straight to printer or how?


First page is on range B1:H10, all the pages have the same amount of rows.
Then straight to printer :)