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vba macro for vlookup from another workbook


New Member

I have 2 Different Workbooks. A & B

In A workbook 5 sheets are there I have consolidated data from 3 sheets on Master sheet . On these 3 sheets From N column onwards there are some number in each row.
Value to these number is available in B workbook which needs to derived by using vlookup

In A workbook on Master sheet in Column U I need Addition of values by vlookup from column N to last column

please guide me to write VBA macro
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Marc L

Excel Ninja
without the necessary according to this forum rules at least do not forget to​
post your worksheet formulas as after all we are not on any mind readers forum !​
As you can also start your own code just activating the Macro Recorder and operating manually …​



New Member
sorry Marc
Please find attached file.
There are some numbers written in mixing, filling , packaging sheet from N column onwards . i want to vlookup value for these number from cost workbook, cost sheet. want addition of all these values at once


Marc L

Excel Ninja
Any sample result ?​
What is the expected result for cell U2, what is your worksheet formula for this cell ?​


New Member
=VLOOKUP(Mixing!N2,[Attendance.xlsx]Cost!$A$1:$F$61,6,FALSE)*Mixing!J2+++ upto last column in respective sheet

Marc L

Excel Ninja
As this formula does not match your initial attachment so the better is to do a new​
attachment with cells filled with formula as it's easier for any helper to check results …​
Maybe you won't need any VBA procedure just using in your formula the INDIRECT worksheet function.​