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VBA Macro for Renewable Energy Debt Sizing


New Member
Hello all,

We have created a free-to-use, open-source, financial model we call "Abacus" for use in renewable energy transactions. In the current model, we have fully-functioning VBA macros which can 1) sculpt debt by cutting and pasting the calculated values until the difference between the calculated and pasted value equals zero, and 2) maximizes the usage of leverage to stay within target metrics. I'm happy to say the macros work very well, but given our knowledge of VBA is intermediate, we could use the help of any experts who could help us speed up our macros or simplify our code would be an enormous help.

You can find more information on our project at https://getabacus.org/

And a link to the download at https://www.getabacus.org/download/

Under the open-source model we will, of course, recognize any help given with a shoutout in our changelog!

Would anyone be able to do a review of our VBA macros (1-2 pages total code) to see what improvements can be made?

Best Regards,

The Abacus Team