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VBA Filter Data Range


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Hi All,

I was reading through the below post on chandoo.org main website & I thought to myself: What if we could do something similar with a data range rather than a table?

You see I don't use tables at all. I have datasheets where I dump my data but I never create any tables. I just add borders. So that code isn't very helpful to me. But like I said above. What if there was a code to do the same thing but for a data range rather than a data table. This would be very useful indeed for those of us who don't use tables much.

So I went & did some research & created my own code which works on ranges rather than tables. I've attached the file for you to check out & I used the same data as was used in the link below. Now we can do both table & range :D check it out

Please note that I'm still going to try to improve this. right now its only made to select in a straight line without selection break

Made the changes to include selection break on same row so you can use CTRL button and select more criteria in same row



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