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vba copy filtered multiple rows from worksheet & paste to workbook


New Member
Hi All,

I manually copy data from a worksheet and paste into a workbook manually. I copy about 100 to 300 lines of data every day. On the first of the month, the lines of data is around 1,000 rows. It will take several days to copy and paste 1000 rows of data in 3 days. This is a repetitive copy and paste task that I believe a vba code will help this copy and paste task cut the time in half.

My idea is to try to copy a filtered customer for worksheet, such as 2401 and paste into workbook all at one time.

These are 2 types of data that is copied from worksheet ie Invoice_Amount data and Invoice_Tax data:

Invoice_Amount Date_Received Reference Date_Sent Invoice Comment_Amount
Invoice_Tax Date_Received Reference Date_Sent Invoice Comment_Tax

paste into workbook fields:

Amount Date_Received Reference Date_Sent Invoice Comment

After I copy rows of data into workbook, I highlighted in green that I completed this task. I highlight yellow, if the equipment number is not in the workbook and manually copy later into workbook. (refer to processed 2401 tab). I only copied and paste one customer 2401 in the sample spreadsheet for date 7/12/2020.

Workbook 2401 is where I paste all data for customer 2401. The data is fictitious, but the issue is exactly the issue that I need to automate with a vba code.

Please refer to sample spreadsheet. It includes a data tab, processed tab, workbook results tab, and pseudo code for some logic.

Thanks for anybody that can help!