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value validation and copy into sheet to email


New Member
I am brand new to VBA .My task is to email providers a doc that indicates errors that have been made and requesting them to correct. I have access to Word or Excel . I have a list of providers about 200 with their associated emails
I was thinking that the doc could get the provider Id from a list via a search to populate the doc. If a provider is not found then Id like to get and error message box saying"provider not found". I have attached a basic layout for you. I am open to all suggestions
So essentially I require:

1. search for the Provider ID
2. error message if ID not found
3. Clear button if I select the wrong ID or other process ( in sheet 2)
4. name and email address based on the provider ID . I have it in sheet 1 paste into sheet 2
5.error items .. I have these in a combo box at the moment using a data validation
6. email the doc. I found code that takes the sheet and converts to PDF then opens outlook attaches the file , adds a subject and body text
7. Clear the form with one button but keeping the formatting so I can resend . I thought range would do this and it does but the formatting is getting altered

This was a little long and it is a lot to ask but I am up for learning . What I found so far I have cobbled together and broken several times but I like a challenge and learning. Its not elegant but hopefully there will be someone who can assist. I have posted this on another forum and haven't received a reply as yet , I acknowledge and appreciate that everyone is busy and I am asking for a significant amount of help so i hope that I dont put anyone off side this isn't my objective . I am thinking more eyes on the problem can get a result ? I may just be asking fore something that cant be done easily .