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Using the INDIRECT function on multiple spreadsheets


Sheet1 has categories A B C with subsets D E F respectively (ie. Fruit makes list apple, orange, and starberry/Vegetable makes list onion, potatoe,)

On Sheet2 I want to reference subgroups fruit and vegetable which are located on sheet1

What does the "source" area look like for that to happen

I understand interface if its on same tab, but not if interface spans multiple tabs.

Thanks in advance.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

When you say Sheet1 and Sheet2, are they in the same Excel File (Workbook) or different Excel Files ?


Nevermind, I figured it out how to do it.

Totally unreleated, but did you see that I responded to that CreditBook post I had a couple of weeks back? The one where it could be multiple sheets or single sheets? I was wondering if you can elaborate a little more on how the "single sheet" interface would work. Im still kind of stuck on that one. I think the post is a little further down the front page.

Thanks again for all your help! :)