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Using Slicer values as column headers in another worksheet


New Member

I have a pivot table with slicers in Sheet1, and usually only one slicer is selected for Year and Month slicers, such as December, 2011.

I'd like to be able to display the slicer values selected in a new worksheet (Sheet 2)as a column header, where December would be in one cell, and 2017 would be in another cell. I tried using the formula =Slicer_Master_Date.Month and =Slicer_Fiscal_Periods.Fiscal_Year in a cell in Sheet 2, but it returns a blank. I'd prefer not to hard code the values in Sheet 2, and when a user selects a different slicer value in Sheet 1, Sheet 2 is updated automatically.




Excel Ninja
Upload sample workbook. That will help you in getting help.

If unable to... try following method.

Copy your pivot and put it into another sheet. But only with field used in slicer as row label. Connect that to your slicer. You can then just use the first cell of the row label range as reference for your cell.


New Member
That works - thank you! I had created the separate pivot with just month and year, but forgot to connect it to the slicer on the Sheet 1.