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Using Slicer to change a range of cells values


Hello Ninjas.

I have a challenge where I would like to use a slicer to select a name from a range of names contained in a slicer. Based upon the name that is selected, I would like to have range of cells (D6:G20) return the status of modules assigned to that manager.

No for the challenge. Is there a way to update the master list that the returned values were extracted from, from the returned list?

Example: D7 returns "Not Completed". If the manager updates D7 to "Completed", is there a way to write that update to the master list so the next time that manager's name is selected from the slicer, D7 returns "Completed" next time?


I have a solution. I used PowerQuery to perform an extract and used VBA on a button to do a refresh all. Thank you to all that viewed this post.