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Using If fx in Data/Validation/List


New Member
Hi, I'm trying to use an IF and VLOOKUP fx in the Data/Valiation/List feature but can only get half of it to work. For illustration, I have a list of values A1:A4 that may or may not have a corresponding value in B1:B4. If ColA does not have a corresponding value in ColB than I want it to display the entire list in C1:C4 in D1:D4.


1 Red Circle one

2 Blue two

3 Yellow three

4 Green Star four

I'm open to new suggestions/approaches to getting the same results. Any help would be appreciated!


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Do you want to use a validation drop down to show (One, Two, Three, Four) as options

in each cell in D1:D4 when they are selected, where the appropriate B column is missing?


If B is Missing do you want to display, One in cell D1, Two in D2, Three in D3 etc?