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Using Filter Function with Sum Formula


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I'm trying to get a running sum of each investment account that includes their individual scholarship funds. In the attached file, there is a tab labeled "Complete Transaction" that includes a monthly statement update on each fund. The second tab, labeled "Inv Account Running Balance", is where I'm trying to place my running balance.
  • First off, we are only using the lines that include "Ending Balance".
  • For each month, I would like to total the funds that have the same investment account. Either "I1" or "I2".
  • And of course, a running total for each investment account.
  • I've started the process but I have gotten stuck. If we could make it one formula instead of one for each line, that would be ideal.

Thanks for your help in advance.



  • Chandoo Example.xlsx
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Any suggestions on this? I'm struggling here and trying to find a way to make this work. I'm open to try anything!

Your balances only seem to show values for column I of the source table.
In the attached is a Power Query offering at cell A6. This table needs refreshing like a pivot table if the source data changes.
This table also has its header row hidden:



  • Chandoo50662 Example-1.xlsx
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