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Upload files to a DB table using a button on a form


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Hi everyone

Hope you are doing well.

I´m struggling with VBA code. Since i´m a beginner with Access, I don´t know how to proceed with this.

So basically, I have a form and there is a button inside that form. So everytime, the user clicks on it, it should be able to upload an external file and store it in a database. The file must be stored in the record that it is currently open with the form. I use an unique ID to differentiate each record on the table. The value of that unique register is shown in a textbox called "Evento_ID" in the form

The table name is "GC_Eventos"
Table field is "Contrato"

I have been trying different codes I have found on the Internet but I have not got success yet. Actually I tried with a code that eas used to help another user with a similar problem.

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