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Update Values in a table based on specific values


New Member
Hi All,

What im trying to do is build a copy and paste macro, using a loop, match and offset.

Basically in the Update sheet.

I have a table where a user will update values

1PrimaryKeyLineNew Value 1New Value 2UpdateValue

What i need this macro to do is the following.

1. Search Sheet2(Table1[PrimaryKey]) and match based on cell A2 value
2. Copy value in C2 in Sheet 1(eg ABCD)
3. Paste.Values in Lx (where x =row id found in step 1)
4. Copy value in CD in Sheet 1(eg 1234)
5. Paste.Values in Ox (where x =row id found in step 1)
6. Paste today() in Wx
7. Loop for all cells where Column E = 1

Hopefully this is clear.