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Update Multiple Source Links at once PowerPoint

Hi all,

I have a monthly presentation that takes Excel charts and tables from a new monthly file also. Instead of copying and pasting new pictures in PowerPoint every month, I created links to the file. BUT I am trying to not manually change the source to all the links. I tried some code but could not get it to work.

Please help!
Here is the code that I tried. Update the old and new sources in my version of course.

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Sub EditPowerPointLinks()

Dim oldFilePath As String
Dim newFilePath As String
Dim pptPresentation As Presentation
Dim pptSlide As Slide
Dim pptShape As Shape

'The old file path as a string (the text to be replaced)
oldFilePath = "String of\File Path\To Be Replaced\Excel File.xlsx"

'The new file path as a string (the text to replace with)
newFilePath = "String of\New File Path\Excel File 2.xlsx"

'Set the variable to the PowerPoint Presentation
Set pptPresentation = ActivePresentation

'Loop through each slide in the presentation
For Each pptSlide In pptPresentation.Slides

    'Loop through each shape in each slide
    For Each pptShape In pptSlide.Shapes
        'Find out if the shape is a linked object or a linked picture
        If pptShape.Type = msoLinkedPicture Or pptShape.Type _
        = msoLinkedOLEObject Or pptShape.Type = msoLinkedChart Then

            'Use Replace to change the oldFilePath to the newFilePath
            pptShape.LinkFormat.SourceFullName = Replace(LCase _
            (pptShape.LinkFormat.SourceFullName), LCase(oldFilePath), newFilePath)
        End If

'Update the links

End Sub
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