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Update a formula reference based on another cell


I’ve attached two workbooks, we’ll call the 101A-000 the data file, the 1422A-000 has a reference to that data file. I simply want to create a formula in 1422A-000 that will update based on another cell, you’ll find more explanation on that in the spreadsheet. Thank you for looking and I greatly appreciate the help.



Thanks Hui... I do completely understand your formula and it seems like it should work but it's not working for me, it's returning a #REF!. I tried a few tweaks but no change, what am I missing, do you have any ideas why it's not working for me?


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Excel can only use Indirect when the destination workbook is open
Which is why you are getting the error


That I did not know. So, when you have both workbooks opened the formula works for you? I still get the #REF!, I guess I'll have to come up with a plan-B on this... thanks for the Hui