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Type for Autocomplete


I am working on a form and running into a brick wall. For my contacts, I would like to have autocomplete options to make their process more efficient. For example, in Non Labor BPW! C7:C1810 would complete as they type. The validation is off the array in Controls! that starts in $J$2#. The same concept with in Non Labor BPW! D7:D1810 against Controls! $L$2#.

Not sure if this would ultimately work better with VBA or not but I have been running into issues getting this together. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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One method which doesn't require VBA would be the utilization of the first X number of rows for permanent storage
of common terms to be used. As you may already know, Excel has built-in auto recall of previously entered terms. So
as you type on subsequent rows below, the suggested terms auto display for acceptance or not.