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Two essential Add-ins (Reconciliation and FindAll) need modification


I have used this two very useful Addins for long but now with office 2016 , apparently am having some issues as below:-
Can they be modified to accommodate office 2016 and higher ? Every time i open my workbook , i get this message , see below.
The other on is FindAll from FindAll cpearsons website.
(1)FindAll Addin
(2)Recon addIn
Apparently when i tried to upload xlam files here in the forum, the upload did not work, so i resorted to using dropbox.
The goal/objective here is to stop below message from appearing every time i open my workbook for Reconcilation xlam and (ii) the findall to work from trusted location,



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The message states that the code you are using is incompatible with this version, platform...
Perhaps contact the author of your addins to see if they have been updated to XL latest versions ?
BTW if the FindAll addin is from Chip Pearsin, be aware that Chip has deceased a couple of years ago, although his website is still running as-is.


how do i contact the authors ,sincerely ? Those were distributed those like 10 years back , and chip Pearson has indeed passed away, that's why i posed this question to excel ninja's here, if they can assist me in the same, or even provide an alternative.
Aju chako helped me with his Recon add in till this day , i don't have his email nor mobile.


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I tested FindAll in excel 365 32 bits version and it works fine. I guess you installed Office 2016 64 bits version. A lot of people make the mistake,that if you have Windows 64 you need Office 64, these 2 are completely different things. Deinstall Office 2016 64 bits an install Office 2016 32 bits and the Addins will work.


Yes, you're right i have office 2016 64 bits,
and your solution will be right, I suppose , & there is no way round it without uninstalling office 2016 64 bit and reinstalling office 2016 32 bit,
I got you. @Belleke