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Two cells two formulas drag across right is not working

Dear Excel Genius

I have two formulas in cells C3 and D3 and I want to drag the formulas across right up to cell CX.

C3 Formula =C5-SUM(Cost_Calcu[[#All],[Cost of RM01]])
D3 Formula =D5-SUM(Consumption[[#All],[Consumption RM01]])

C3 formula needs to drag alternate cells of E3, G3, I3......CW3.
D3 Formula needs to drag alternate cells of F3, H3, J3......CX3.

Attached is the sample sheet for your reference.



if you highlight both cells , C3 & D3
and then drag along that should do what i think you are asking
NOTE RM01 will change

Not sure , but here is the file

in E3 = =E5-SUM(Cost_Calcu[[#All],[Cost of RM02]])
in F3 = =F5-SUM(Consumption[[#All],[Consumption RM02]])