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Trying to understand the Excel Formula


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In one of the Excel Sheet, my colleague had added the below formula where "Group Name" seemed to be one of the Column Name. But I am not sure how this works? Can someone explain this please. When I copy the same formula in a new Excel that contained "Group Name" Column as well but it #REF!

="pf;rot=TEST." &[@[Group Name]]

Any help would be appreciated. Due to some sensitive data, I was not able to attach the original file but the formula is mentioned above.
Are You sure that there is not table in original sheet?
... if not -- then create a sample Excel-file with some sample data -- which works.
You should able to send a sample Excel-file that others could see - what is there?
I've written my thoughts above ...
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Sorry, my mistake. I see a Table is present with the Table Name "Table1".

But I am wondering in the formula below, we have not called the Table1 so how does it work?

="pf;rot=TEST." &[@[Group Name]]
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In addition, I have noticed when I type the formula in the original excel sheet `="pf;rot=TEST." &[` then it is displaying options for me to choose. But if I create a new excel sheet and type the same formula after entering the same formula it is showing any options as highlighted in the below screenshot. Any thoughts?

About Your When I copy the same formula in a new Excel that...
Please test to Save As Your original file (which has that Your colleague's formula) and
after that try to use those formulas in new just Saved As file.
While You're doing Your own tests with Your own file
- is Your formula inside or outside that Table (which You found from the original file)?
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