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Tool to be used for comparing more than 1M rows


New Member
I have a huge data sets (more than 1M rows) in multiple excel sheets, which needs to be compared with another "n" number of excel sheets and identify unmatched transactions. I tried to use MS-Access, but can't find the relevant clips on YT.
Could you help me with relevant tool I should use and if any video is also there, please do share.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
As any database software is more appropriate, at least 50 times - even 100 ! - faster than under Excel VBA …​
As it can't be done with Excel formulas - the purpose of this forum section - maybe it could be achieved under Power Query​
or Get & Transform in recent Excel versions.​


New Member
I was using excel to resolve my concern, therefore posted in this forum.
Whether MS Access can be helpful for such huge data?


Well-Known Member
Sample data and a mocked up solution for same would help to understand the full issue. Your explanation is at best vague. Marc has supplied you with a response which is accurate for the information you have provided. Do not expect more without something to analyze.


New Member
Thanks Alan & Marc! I am sorry for the incomplete information.
I'll share a sample data for clear understanding of the issue.

Could you suggest which database software I can learn to handle 1-2 million of transactions?