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Text Formatting: 'Project Management Dashboard 1.xlsx' (Purchased Product)


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First, thanks for a fantastic product and very nice layout.

Question: Within the 'Project Management Dashboard 1' file, is there a quick and easy way mirror the text/color/format used on the 'Gantt Chart' tab Project Plan Data on the adjacent Gantt Chart?

For example, I'd like Activity 5 to be blue font and bold. I can do that formatting, but the issue is when the scroll bar is used. the formatting remains with the cell and not the text. If I scroll down 1, Activity 6 is now blue/bold. If I scroll down 4 more, Activity 10 is now blue/bold, etc.

Is there a way to keep the formatting with the text so Activity 5 is still blue/bold no matter if I scroll up/down?



Excel Ninja
Answer to Your question:
Without seeing and testing
... I would write that it is possible,
but I won't use Your named adjectives or terms of 'way'.