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Test result based on the criteria.


I require a formula to help to get the result based on the criteria. Criteria are mentioned in the range column of B4:F4, based on the requirements, the result of the Pass/Fail of the test is required in column "G". I am doing this task by checking the value manually. I am looking for help to get the result with the formula.

Sample file is attached for reference.



Hi Premjeet Ji,

Pl refer attachment in which your query has been addressed. AS there are multiple ifs and buts I have prepared concatenated table beside the main table (BLUE colour ). Pl chek and confirm

Thanks for putting effort,
But It appears the formula is not working as required. When I changed the DC value of cell D6 to -47 (-48 to -60), It still shows the result pass instead of fail. I also changed the C6 cell input DC to AC (200-260) and kept the value -47, it still shows the result pass instead of fail.

Also is it possible to incorporate criteria in formula cell only, other than using a reference column?

I’m ok with the helper column also, as long the result is correct.

All the no-color-filled cells are input fields.