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Active Member
Hi Chandoo,
As forum is also a product from chandoo, i thougth of placing my request here.

Well, in the forums I see a lot of good questions being asked and some very interesting solutions for different members. Is it possible to make one additional feature in the forum webpage to,

Option to add some kind of tags by members not necessary the one who has posted (any member to any reply), so that he/she can refer back to those thread/replies.

Adding watches/like will not help as the title fo post and the solution may not be easy to refer back.

Prasad DN


Excel Ninja
Hi Prasad ,

Chandoo had added a feature by which you could list out all the posts which you have liked ; I am not sure whether this feature was restricted only to the Ninjas or not.

Hui can confirm.



Active Member
Hi Narayan,

Yes, I can see the list of posts, I have liked, but as mentioned in my post, I would like to know why I liked that post :) ? And with mere title of thread it is quite difficult!

so thats why I thought if some #tags can be added ...

Prasad DN