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Karanbir Soin

New Member
I have a table that is attached. When a new row is added formulae with values automatically appear in two rows where data has to be entered. I have tried my best that this does not happen but it does. In the entire columns there is no such formula that Control F could find other than on the new row.
Perhaps someone can help find this bug.
BTW I am using Excel 2016.
Excuse me if I have overlooked something very obvious.



Active Member
As far as I can see there are formulas in col K L N on every row
Change the table to a range if you do not want to extend the formula to the following rows

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
It is not a bug, but a feature of tables.
They auto extend: meaning if you add new data in the first row below the table, the table is auto-adjusted or resized to the new range, thus including the new data. Also formulae used will get filled down automatically.
To stop this behaviour you can check out the "Stop Automatically Expanding" Tables. The button appears when you add a new row.
Which formulae are filled down? The very first formula entered in each of the columns remains in the table definition. Even when you have overwritten some with values, and even when no longer formulae are present in the column. Which seems to be the case in the columns E and H. The formulae in columns K and N are structured ones.
That is why you see those green corners at those cells in E and H.

To solve it. Redefine your table: change it to a range, change back to table using CTRL+T. Simply clicking Ignore Error does not stop the behaviour. Unfortunately the structured formulae are lost, since they converted using cell reference style by changing the table to a range.

Karanbir Soin

New Member
@pecoflyer Is it a good idea to leave out calculations in a table?
Is it possible to get calculated fiels in a Pivot table based on this table (without the calculated columns)?
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Active Member
Changing a table to a range will not delete the existing calculations, but stop adding formulas when you add new rows.
As for calculated fields, all depend on what you want to do