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Syntax to refer to external workbook


New Member

I need to refer to (in a cell) a named range in an external workbook, which is, for example, ='C:\Test\TestFile.xlsx'!Test_Range. However, I need to refer to an external workbook which is made of a path and file, I've tried something like:
="'" &File_Path & "\[" & File_Name & "]!Test_Range
where File_Path = "C:\Test" and File_Name = "TestFile.xlsx"
but this does not work. I would be great if someone could show me the syntax. The workbook is closed, but it does not have to be.



Excel Ninja
Staff member
=Indirect("'" &File_Path & "\[" & File_Name & "]'!Test_Range")

Note the use of indirect and the ' after the ]
and the destination file must be open