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Supply Chain Performance Metric Dashboard


New Member
I am seeking help in making a Supply Performance excel dashboard. Currently, information is pulled from multiple EPR, Quality Systems, etc. The criteria that I have to evaluate pertains to Quality, On-Time Delivery, Price Variance, Responsiveness. Can anyone help me or point me in the correct direction as where to begin?



Excel Ninja
Start by talking with your stakeholders. Find what their needs and wants are. Define scope, and document project plan (along with any constraints. Such as lowest version of Excel that the dashboard will be used on, what IT policy may impact workbook design etc).

Then once metrics are decided. Categorize them. Into metric where value over time should be charted, and those that is sufficient to have summary of trend/value is enough etc.

Then decide on data storage. In most Excel dashboards, it is recommended that data be stored in flat table.

From raw data, design a path to extract pertinent info (usually done via intermediate table, where values are calculated using formula or other means).

Decide on the visual and construct it manually.

Once satisfied with the design, apply automation layer and make dashboard as dynamic as possible.

Release and get feedback to improve upon it.

Order may not be exact, but these are the things to consider.

But with such a broad question, we really can't give you specific help. My suggestion, is to search through chandoo.org for some sample dashboards, and see if you can find one that suites your need. Dissect it and reconstruct to suite your need.