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sumifs with multiple criteria across multiple variable sheets


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I asked this over at Mr. Excel Forums on October 4th and have had no responses.

reviewing this, i dont know

I've been working with my file, and found a formula that could work for me...Unfortunately, i have variable sheets that may change names. I've also noticed because of this, the formula keeps breaking (the reference no longer is there) and the workbook takes longer than I've ever had before.

my goal is to take the sum of all sheets (trade & job) and then I will compare it to the totals/invoice page where I have placed the amount of hours/money per trade that I am allowed.

Excel Formula:
I used the following source(s):
How to Use the SUMIF Function Across Multiple Sheets | Excelchat

I've only been able to get the code to work on a local sheet level, which requires me to add some hidden columns, but it doesn't always calculate correctly (mostly on the multiple sheets). if I keep adding tabs, the main page stops and trying to run the script and formulas keeps making the program run very slow...

could you assist?

thank you.

File attached for download: