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sumif resulting in 0 (zero)

Hello guys I am trying resolve the error I keep getting from this formula. SUMIFS(T:T,A:A,F:F="sleep in">="&V23,A:A,"<=""&W23)). If the phrase "sleep in" occurres within the set of dates an addition fee is charged. can anyone help please.

A= Date event occurred
F= Sleep in
T= Price
V= 17/11/19
W= 23/11/19

Thank you

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
As you have quoted the formula the terms
F:F="sleep in"
is inserted in the wrong place and the = should be a comma as a separator.

I also hate entire column references but I know 'real spread-sheeters' use them successfully. For me, I was pleasantly surprised that the formula returned FALSE, 1048576 times almost instantly!
Thank you Hany & Peter for taking a look at my question. I appreciate your time. Peter you saw my error straight away.
All you guys on here are always willing to spend time and assist and help other with less experience Thank you.