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Sum value in a cell based on column until last cell


New Member
I have attached the sample sheet for your reference.

I need the Cell "C2" to show the sum of column value from C5 until last cell. For now i have value till C9 and it may extend as well.

So i need the cell c2 to calculate the sum of column from C5 until the last cell of the column.

Please help me on this

Jeyaraj M


Marc L

Excel Ninja
without VBA just with an easy very beginner cell formula : =SUM(C5:C999) …​
Or you can better use a named range or even better an Excel table !​


Excel Ninja
Personally, I'd just convert your data range into Excel Table and use structural referencing.

Ex: =SUM(Table1[Marks])

Marc L

Excel Ninja

As with an Excel table the total can be automatically integrated and thus without entering any formula …​