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Sum only Currency Within Date Range Across Columns


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Hello all, I've attached an example file because I think what I want is complicated, though I'm hoping not.

What I want is to calculate the deposits that occurred for specific month that excludes deposits made in a different month even if the project was completed in that specific month.

So if several projects were completed in February (across 4 different weeks in February), and most were paid out in February, I want to exclude the amount paid out in March (even though the project was completed in February). And I only want to sum up the amount, not the % completed or the date. This information is in a row and it's not my spreadsheet. And the % completed, the amount and the date are required.

In the example provided, for the first ID #, 234, the total February deposit should be $90, excluding the $50 paid out in March for February (Week 4).




If you don't want to write a function for it—I tend to write VBA at the drop of a hat, but if you don't—I guess this is how I'd do it.



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In cell N1 put the 1st Feb 2021 (and if you want, the 1st March 2021 in cell O1) [It doesn't have to be the first of the month but the month and date need to be correct.]
In cell N4:
which you can copy down and across.

If you have an older version of Excel in N4:
copy down and across.

In both versions, you might get away with missing out the:
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Thank you p45cal, your formulas worked, and I'm using the first one. It's really slick, I appreciate it so much. Bob, the person actually working the spreadsheet doesn't know VBA, so that limited what I could there. But thank you both for the time you spent helping me.